Lush Trafford Blogger Opening (3/8/17)

I was very lucky to be invited to the opening of the new Lush Trafford shop. This blog post is quite late as I attended it right before I went on holiday, so I’ve been super busy for the past couple of weeks. However, here is the long awaited blog post on what went down!

I invited ContureAllure along with me, and we both met outside the shop. It was a pretty exclusive event with a guest list. You were given a lanyard with your name on as you entered and a drink that was made with the fresh strawberries and basil that they use in the factory.


The shop was bursting with a few new products that I hadn’t seen, and many that I was fairly familiar with. I felt like I was a Lush VIP, it was a brilliant experience. The staff made sure you knew everything about the products and were helpful with any questions you had.

One staff member offered me a hand massage and used the massage bar of Soft Couer. A massage bar I rarely used, but one that was pretty silky and lovely on the skin. My hand felt super moisturised and it smelled just like white chocolate. The little pamper session left me feeling quite refreshed after a slightly busy day, and ready to enjoy the rest of the shop.

After that, we decided to explore the shop and have a look at the new layout. The new shop is far better than the old. With a much bigger space, Lush have created a shop similar to one in the Arndale and it has a streak of Lush Oxford Street. It was needed, I think. Manchester is such a modern and vibrant city, and Trafford has many visitors every single day. A new and inviting shop was just what Lush needed.

Whilst Missy was discussing face masks and everything skincare, a member of staff mentioned to me that you could make your own bath bomb. She showed me where some compounders were helping bloggers to create their own Intergalactic. I decided to try making my own. Admittedly, it was far difficult than I imagined it to be. I was worried it wouldn’t hold together or work in the bath (but I tried it a few days ago, and it worked perfectly fine with the brilliant colours it always has). After that, we watched the making of a Don’t Look At Me Face Mask, and were given our own to take home. It was pretty fascinating to watch.

The new store is brighter with far more space, and leading the way for many of the Lush stores. With a certain section for every product and an easy to navigate shop, it is a new favourite Lush shop. Rather than hidden at one side of Trafford, it is right in the middle of the shopping centre.

I will definitely be in that shop again to pick up the Christmas goodies and view the Halloween selection they have brought out. The event was a total hit and to finish it off I was handed a little gift as I left. It was knot wrap containing two bath bombs, a hair oil, and a shower scrub.

Thanks for the invite Lush and I hope to be invited again in the future.


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