When I Became a Woman. (Spoken Word)

When I became a woman,

my family told me to cross my


keep my head high,

my teachers taught me that

a good girl will never

open her thighs.

I noticed the fat that grew

on my arms,

my calves.

Food became a necessity,

every calorie turned my stomach,

made me throw up.

I became allergic to love,

hands would leave marks,

bruises on my brain,

my life would never be the same.

When I became a woman,

I had to train myself to act right.

Never talk too loud,

never talk over the crowd,

let the man speak first,

women came second… every time.

I became adapted to a system

that degraded girls

from a young age.

Becoming a woman was the

final stage,

the finished product,

now at an older age.

My blood ran so red,

it would stain my clothes,

destroy my bed sheets,

we weren’t to talk about that shit.

When I became a woman,

a man told me I would never succeed,

because women were a lower breed.

I learned that my body would

be used,

against me.

Society owned me.

When I became a woman,

they told me I’d become a

mother one day.

‘Maternal Instincts’ were what they said.

My head tells me no.

When I became a woman,

I watched the fire inside me die,

I saw the little girl in me cry

that I should follow my dream,

but it wasn’t reachable it seems.

When I became a woman,

bitch became my nickname,

words were used to shame me,

I was an object to desire.

When I became a woman,

I saw the world

for what it



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