Why does no-one discuss the importance of Self-Worth?

Because it is linked with the idea of a ‘big ego’ and being far too confident in yourself? In fact, it just means you take time to realise that you don’t need someone else to validate who you are. 

I recently had a major moment of realisation.

I take way too much time worrying what others think of me and how I’m perceived to them. I realised how damaging this. I am measuring my worth by how others see me. I’m placing my own worth on the shoulders of someone else. I’m giving them the opportunity to make me feel so small.

I never even thought of it until a recent chain of events has led me to the idea that I don’t even find myself worth something. So, how do I expect others to find that in me?

Now, this is a fairly strange idea, so stick with me on this one.


Humans naturally tend to look for verification that they’re doing okay. We look for someone to tell us we’re doing well, that we look alright, that we’re a decent person. I’m very much guilty of this, and I assume so many of us are.

I have always looked to someone else to tell me that I’m doing okay. The idea of liking myself has always been so strange. Surely, I have to impress everyone around me? Surely, I’ll make friends that way and I’ll be viewed as this great person in society. However, in the past couple of weeks I have called absolute b*llsh*t on that idea.

I’m calling b*llsh*t. And that’s usually a big deal.

I recently told my friend that you have to walk into a room as if you own it. You have to fake it until you make it. Normally, faking it leads to self-gratification. You have to fake that you don’t need anyone to make you the best person you know. You don’t need friends who constantly tell you that you’re amazing (but I’d ditch the ones who don’t 😉 ) and you don’t need a partner who constantly assures you that you are the best…

I’m trying to (and hopefully) proving that life doesn’t stop moving for anyone. Spending too much time measuring yourself against other people will always hold you back.

Frankly, I don’t give a f*ck what people think of me… anymore. Maybe you already grasped that from my previous posts, but I’ll say it louder for those in the back.


Finally, I reach my point of how much we need to discuss self-worth. It is fairly important idea we all need to grasp.

You don’t need sh*t from anyone to find yourself worthy.

Learning to love yourself will be one of the biggest steps you take.

Now, I’m going to be perfectly honest, because I’m that kind of blogger.

I have never liked myself. I have let everything get to me. I have let every word get to me. I have let everything people have done to me- get to me.

I’ve weighed it all up and I’ve decided I am a truly dreadful person.

If you ask me off my blog if I think this, I’ll deny it. 

I try to be the person that bigs up self-worth and that you are amazing, beautiful… everything great. However, deep down I don’t feel the same way.


That’s why I’m making October the month I weigh my own self-worth. I take time to like myself, see what is good about me… appreciate how good the human body really is.

I challenge you to do the same, too.

We need to break down the barriers that other people weigh our worth and how much our body means to us. You have to be your own best friend sometimes… which is really quite true, think of much Netflix you can watch by yourself and stuff your mouth and not worry what people think…

It’s about time we called b*llsh*t on the idea that our self-worth comes from how others view us. It’s time we got out the scales and started to weigh our own worth.





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