Ugly (Spoken Word).

I’m so sorry I was ugly,

that my personality could

burn your soul,

stop you feeling so whole,

I’m so sorry that

I was infected with so much


that my lungs felt so heavy,

that I destroyed us.

Two hours of crying,

three hours of wondering,

four hours feeling like I was dying.

I’m sorry you had to watch me

destroy myself,

call myself,

waste myself away.

That you had to pray that

I’d text you the next day,

that my body would survive

my nightmares each night.

I’m sorry I was ugly,

and it wasn’t who I used to


I was no longer


I couldn’t see the ugly,

when it burned at my chest,

told me to follow it home.

When the ugly stepped into my room,

disguised as a man,

who would demand things that

I couldn’t give.

Made me feel I could

no longer live.

I’m sorry I was so ugly,

that I became a shell of the girl I was,

and I became the ugly I am






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