Sometimes (Spoken Word).


the flowers grow too

fast inside me for those

around me.

The fire burns so bright,

that I blind them.

I don’t mean to love so much.

I never mean to give you

everything I have.

Sometimes, I do.

They tell me they can’t give


and will never give as much as


I tell them that’s okay,

because I never expect anything

from anyone.

Maybe that’s where I go wrong.

I never ask him to give me

the Sun because it is impossible

to reach,

but naming me a star,

that is a possibility.

Maybe that’s why I get hurt.

I lower myself because,

to me,

he is the best I’ll ever have,

so why would I demand something

from someone who gives me enough

by breathing?

I never want to scare them away.


I love too hard,

and I hope they’ll love me the same,

but they never do.


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