TheFierceFeminist Stops Dating.

It has been over a year since I started dating, and the whole experience has been fairly… unique. I took my followers along for the journey, and I managed to turn disastrous dates into hilarious stories that attracted people from all over.

People started to discuss their stories with me; they found some common ground in what I was talking about. The idea of being single and dating seemed less scary, and more like an adventure that I didn’t regret one minute of… okay, maybe a day or two, but we live and we learn.

TheFierceFeminist was a concept that my blog became less than a year ago. It was a new life that I gave my blog, and it created room for me to grow and change as a person. My old blog name soon became a little memory, and TheFierceFeminist is whom I have blogged under, since.

I have enjoyed every minute of TheFierceFeminist, because it gave me room to breathe and enjoy blogging. I tried posts, I attended events and I learned what I loved to blog about and what I didn’t particularly enjoy.

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TheFierceFeminist has expanded into more than I ever imagined and somewhere I can rant, laugh, and cry over everything that is happening in my life. It is my blog, and I absolutely love it. That’s why I am shifting the focus of my blog.

My blog, for a long time, talked about the single life, and the dating life, but I no longer want to blog about that. My life, and my dating life for that, are taking a different course than I had ever planned. And, as my life shifts, so must my blog. It must grow with me and expand with me.

I want to invite my readers into a new chapter of this blog, and my life for that matter. TheFierceFeminist is not just dating, and feminism. It is so much more than that. I have so much more to tell the world, and write about in my day to day life. My studies, my future and my life goals are taking me to different places than I had ever imagined for myself. It is not with a heavy heart that I end the dating horror stories that have entertained my readers for a while. It is kind of with great pleasure that I move on from that time of my life.


I want to take time, and take the spotlight off my own personal dating life, because I want to work on my current situation, and hope it blooms into something beautiful. I want to keep this current aspect of my life fairly private for the time being, and only for those who will continue to support me.

I really want things to work, and I don’t think putting it all over my blog, for the time being, will make it work.

That’s why TheFierceFeminist is shifting towards date nights, date ideas and many other things that will be coming your way. TheFierceFeminist does date night will become a familiar topic on this blog, and I can’t wait for it.

This is not the end of a personal part of my blog, but more a step back from making my blog posts about my own personal dating life. I just feel that this is good for my blog.

I am changing, expanding and growing… which is why I created TheFierceFeminist in the first place.

There is an exciting new journey ahead for my blog, and exciting new changed ahead. And I can’t wait for it to change my blog.





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