One Lesson About Life.

Life is way more complicated than we could ever imagine.

Did you ever imagine that life could change in a day? Maybe even a hour?

Sometimes even a minute?

Life seems this big, uncontrollable mess that we try to control every single day. No matter what direction life tends to steer us in, we try to go the other way.

I don’t know if I believe in fate, or some higher being, or the universe trying to direct us to where it wants- but life really feels like it’s trying to screw me over step of the way.

However, maybe it’s not life trying to stop us, it’s the way life is supposed to be.

Life isn’t like the fairytales; there is no man in shining armour who will come your way. And maybe your happy ending won’t be as you imagined. Maybe we are not destined for that future we saw for ourselves.

And, maybe, after all… that is fine.

Maybe, life is what we make it, but maybe we are destined for so many things that we don’t even think possible. Even in your darkest of hours, your painful moments, your weak days, life is preparing something great for you.

This blog post comes from something I have been contemplating for months and thinking about. The way that life treats us can sometimes seem cruel and unfair, but the way we come out of things is far stronger than when we were dealing with them.

Life is not what we write it as- it isn’t some giant book that you are the author of. You are in fact the character. We’re all characters just trying to work out what part we are going to play in this epic novel.

Life isn’t something we can force or we can avoid, we have to look it straight in the face and be prepared for anything. Life doesn’t care about your feelings or how much it impacts you- there is one ending it has planned.

And every day,

We’re just working towards that.


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