Knowing Your Own Self-Worth.

Today, I want to talk about something that I’ve been thinking about for a few weeks now.

Knowing our own worth.

We tend to base our worth, our value and everything else about ourselves on how others view us. I know this can be a bad habit of mine. I know it can be something that I tend to do a lot. I base myself on what others say to me.

And I have spent a lot of time worrying about how others view me or what they think of me. Of course, I have, it’s fairly normal to worry about what others think of you. However, I’ve been trying to recognise this toxic behaviour of mine and change it into what I believe I’m worth.

Is this person worth my time? Will this lead to something that I can benefit from?

Am I taking into account my self-worth?

Screenshot 2019-03-02 15.18.08

Stick with me on this one.

Let’s take for example someone you’re dating… you start to base yourself on what they say, you start to feel good when they compliment you, you only find yourself happy with what you are when they say something good.

You no longer date this person, and suddenly your worth has hit the floor. Your value is 0. You go from being a diamond to seeming like dirt on the floor.

You have this crash because you based all your worth around someone. You built yourself up around someone. You build yourself up to be someone for someone.

There was no self-worth that you created for yourself.

And now they’ve left… what exactly do you have left of yourself?


It’s important to understand your own worth, for several reasons, but one of them is so you aren’t left empty after someone leaves your life.

You should know your self worth before you bring someone else into your life. You should know what you are worth and the value of your time. Knowing your self worth will stop you from being drawn into something because of one compliment.

I used to think that someone calling me pretty or gorgeous was the best thing ever, but then I learned that I’m more than just that. I am worth every single thing I give myself credit for, and I won’t back down my self worth for someone else.

I won’t be bullied into anything or told that if I love them I will do this.

Knowing my own worth has kept me standing for the last month, and kept me pretty picky in my choices that I make.

Find someone or something that adds to the person you are; not make you feel a purpose in life.




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