The One Where There is No Spark.

We’ve all been on dates that have been good, and the guy was a perfect ‘gentleman’, but then we get half way through and neither of you seem to be clicking.

Those are the saddest dates to deal with. You have to reject someone and make them feel terrible.

And it’s never easy.

The truth is, dating can be bloody tricky! It’s just a lot of people trying to find someone who they can binge Netflix with on a Sunday, and feel comfortable enough with.

You’re looking for someone who you want to make you feel complete. You don’t need someone to complete you, but when you find that person who provides you with means of bettering yourself- it feels good.

Screenshot 2019-07-04 15.40.00.png

Dates where there is no spark can be incredibly awkward. The guy who I went on a date with was charming, and helpful and lovely- and I’m sure he’ll suit someone else. However, for me, I’m looking for something else.

I know that the instant connection thing is a load of rubbish, but if I don’t feel something or some kind of attraction to someone I instantly go back into my shell.

Not every date will have some kind of happy ending, or reason to see someone again. It is hard to process these kind of dates, because you feel like you’ll never find someone who loves you, or wants you, or wants you in their life.

These dates are harder than dates where the person has just been an outright dirt bag, because at least then you have a reason to dislike them. You can find some reason to delete and block.

These ones though, there is no easy to way to deal with them.





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