The S Word.

I’ve been meaning to write this for quite some time, and now I’m finally getting round to this post.

There is something that most of us do, understand how it happens and would happily do it most days… and no, it’s not Netflix binges, but I guess they do sometimes say Netflix and chill.

There is a huge stigma that still surrounds one word, and we still have to say it in hushed voices.

It is no longer acceptable to loudly declare that you finally stayed with that guy you were talking to for weeks, and you are feeling LIBERATED, whilst sitting in public. (I am not talking about myself personally, because hun, I get ghosted).

Sex is something we are afraid to mention. And, at an alarmingly fast rate, it is becoming a taboo topic again. No one wants to talk about it, no one wants to act as if it is normal. We are going back in time.

In a time where sex work is so high, the talk about sex is hushed. Since when did it become weird to talk about sex? Since when did we get shamed for talking about sex, or sexual organs, or anything surrounding it?

Sex is a perfectly normal thing, and plenty of us do it, so why is the talk and the education around sex so bad?

The education I received around sex was tragic. I didn’t really understand what it was until I actually encountered it, and even then I was still confused and couldn’t understand… to this day I probably still can’t.

But, mama isn’t alone in this shocking sex education. Girls and guys all around me echo the same concerns about the education, the stigma, the image, and the general way society views it.

It is as if we live in a carefree generation who are willing to stand up, but still accepts the shaming that comes with talking about sex or discussing it.

In school I learned how cartoon people looked naked, and how to put a condom on a banana… and how does that help me when I finally get down to the deed?

Because, babe, I did not expect what really happens. It turns out that everything they taught us in school is possibly wrong … god, who’d have thought?

This post isn’t written to hate on the sex education we were given, sort of, but to rectify the image that we seem to have all adopted of sex.

Sex isn’t dirty.

Sex isn’t wrong.

Sex isn’t gross… unless you want it to be.


There is no issue with sex, and the sooner we make it less taboo, the better.

People need to be able to explore their sexuality, themselves and their bodies without feeling shamed.

After all, it’s only sex.





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