Stop holding yourself back.

I wrote a blog post, about how I wasn’t disappointed with myself, around 2 years ago when I finished my degree.

I had not achieved the grade I wanted- and I tried to tell myself I was smart, and it was going to be okay.

However, I had no confidence in myself and my abilities. I started to question a lot of things about myself and the kind of things I could achieve.

Maybe, I wasn’t cut out for the law life.

Maybe, I wasn’t smart enough to study law.

I started my GDL and had a hard time trying to tell myself I was smart enough, and that I could do this. I failed two GDL exams because I feared I wasn’t good enough, and I gave up before I even gave myself a chance to succeed.

The fear of falling, or of doing badly held me back from being the best version of myself. I thought I couldn’t do it- and I didn’t.

Our worst enemy, our worst troll… is ourselves. The hater at the back of the room is ourselves. The devil we see staring back at us in the mirror is the flaws we all have.

The things we think we can’t do, and the things we don’t try- we’ll never know how it would have turned out because we never try to succeed.

It is so important that we try to succeed, because if you want something… if you yearn for something… if you have a passion that keeps you going, then you try and you try, and you keep on trying.

We don’t achieved things by waiting for success to come to us. Success does not knock on the door and enter uninvited. It waits for an invite, it accepts when you try and it arrives when you win.

The only thing that stops us from becoming brilliant and stars that will never burn out is a belief we can’t do it. You need a continuing effort and want to succeed.

When you have a positive attitude, you see the results.

When you work hard, you see the results.

When I believed in myself, I passed every single LPC exam.




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