Dating in the Summer

It’s going to be a hot girl Summer!

So, we’re right in the middle of Summer… or, if you’re from the UK you’ve probably realised we’ve had the best that the British Summer can offer (see 37 degrees in London last week).

However, even if the weather isn’t boiling hot- summer is still upon us. This means that the dating game can change just a little bit. Some people decide that they don’t want to settle down, and that Summer is going to be the time to ‘play’ around, such as no strings dating.

For me, it’s still a hot girl Summer.

So, maybe you’re single and you’re thinking- how does Summer impact my dating life?

Well, there’s plenty of ways that dating can change during the Summer, and I’m here to tell you how.


Dating at a any time of the year is tricky. Do I dress like I’m going to the opera? Maybe I could look casual, as if I’m completely casual about dating? Is a wedding dress too much?

Believe me, I spend many hours wondering what to wear on that first date. It could be the only time you have to make an impression – and you really don’t want to be caught in that Lion King top because it’s the only thing you have ironed.

During Summer, you can change up your wardrobe and go for some brighter clothing (given that is your style- if you love to dress in black all the time then you do you). You can go for some cute little summer dresses or printed shirts.

Some of my favourites have come from ASOS; one of my fave places to find different kind of pieces of clothing that look cute but fierce.

Date Ideas

The different venues and dates can change in Summer! It’s much nicer to sit in a beer garden with a gin and just spend the evening getting to know each other.

There are so many different things you can do such as mini golf, beach dates (given you have a nice beach near you), picnics or lovely walks. Summer means you can go wild with your imagination, and maybe go for a ‘adult’ type of date.. sometimes, people enjoy to date naughty singles.

Whatever you choose to do- remember to wear sun cream and keep that lovely skin of yours safe!


Maybe it’s just me, but Summer really feels like a time where people break up or don’t often get into relationships. It could be because they’re on holiday, going back to university when the new term begins, or just looking to have some fun.

Sometimes a Summer romance should be short and sweet, and stay where it belongs – in the Summer.

As a realistic blogger, I feel like I should be telling you to have no expectations of how dates may go during Summer. Dating during the Summer for me last year was weird, and crazy. I learned to take every moment as it came, and keep the memories of people who I loved to date alive.




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