I Hate Instagram.

I completely 100% am done with Instagram. And, there are some very logical reasons for this Instagram rant that is about it to befall is.

Instagram has always been one of my favourite platforms. Mainly because I feel it’s easier to interact with followers, and show my personality. It creates a way for followers to interact with me and message me, or ask me things.

It means I can drop some kind of post to my followers in seconds. I can communicate something without having to jump on my computer. I can write something loud, and huge on my Instagram and people will see it.

However, the whole thing of Instagram has left a sour taste in my mouth. I think that, sadly, people follow bloggers on Instagram for the ‘aesthetic’ and not what the blogger stands for. You’d think it obvious what my blog stands for with feminist in my insta name, but people still don’t seem to get it.

The amount of people who follow me and then unfollow me because they learn I disguise periods, or I talk about sex, or I actually call people out on things- does drive me insane.

And lots of bloggers feel the same because Instagram is now platform where people play games. One being the follow and then unfollow game- I don’t want to gain 5300 and flick between that and 5290 for a week, it’s PAIN STAKING.

I’ve never been about the numbers, or the number of likes, but Instagram is a dead platform with people who can easily troll, easily say shit things and anyone can easily become an ‘influencer’. Some of us actually write a blog and build a genuine audience, but Jodie down the road buys followers and likes and is now advertising PLT.

There are so many things wrong with Instagram that it makes me so mad. I can’t deal with the algorithm, the scary amount of less engagement or the PRESSURE to be perfect. (Stop editing your photos because we all know you have when the carpet dips right behind you).

So, there you go- I hate Instagram. I continue to use it because it has always been my most popular platform, but I’m not happy about it.


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