I Hate Games.

Call me a moaner, call me a constant nagger, but there is something about dating that really drives me insane.

And, I think it’s up to me to talk about it and sound like the lonely spinster I probably will become.

In ten years time, I’ll be drunk in my apartment on my second pot of Ben and Jerrys, whilst I wonder how I’m so lonely. Imagine a Bridget Jones style character who spends her life crying over everyone who is married on Facebook or engaged on Instagram.

Of COURSE I’m an independent woman and I DON’T need a man- but it would be nice to have one. So he can take my blog photos.

I can only complain of how much of a sham my dating life is (and believe me, It IS) until I’ll probably explode from anger with the way dating seems to have become.

I’m an honest and straight forward person. After a couple of glasses of wine I’ll be texting that guy who’s messed me around and tell him exactly what I think- normally, followed by something like I never liked your Instagram feed anyway.

Of course, I’m being overdramatic and melodramatic, but it’s just one of those things I have come to loathe.

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Let’s be honest, if you’re in a relationship, and have been for quite a while- you might not understand the game playing that goes on in todays world.

People don’t go ON DATES ANYMORE.

Am I just alone in this? Is there something about me that screams leave me alone?

Am I on a dating blacklist that all men have access to? (I wouldn’t be surprised if I was)

You might talk to someone for a few weeks, and you get on well… but do you ever go on a date? Probably not.

I’m upfront about this thing when I’ve been messaging someone for a while, and I’ve brought up the whole going on a ‘date’ thing… but, 90% of the time there’s always a ‘maybe’ or something like we’ll arrange one… and it never happens.

Call me cliche, call me someone with high expectations, but I don’t think a promising future relationship is built on games, but that’s apparently what everyone who deals with me likes to do.

I love a good game of Monopoly, but I don’t want it to go on for months.

I’m not a contestant on Love Island (mainly because I’m not a big enough influencer to get scouted for it) who is looking for their type on paper whilst they frolic around in front of the general public, and waits to get coupled up every week.

This isn’t some show where you have to play the game to win- because what do I win? A mediocre date with a guy who isn’t that arsed about being there and would rather watch paint dry?

I get it, some people are dating just to have fun, or just to pass the time- but some of us are looking for something for the long run. We’re looking for someone who can catch us when we fall, deal with us when we fart and listen to use whine about how we can never find anything to WEAR.

And, for those of us who are looking for a meaningful thing, these games are time wasting, boring and off putting. Is it that hard to tell us you think you don’t want to date us? Is it that hard a concept?

Or, do we have to play until the grand finals when you’ll finally reveal that the prize is actually getting binned off by you?

I’m not one to moan, but these kind of games are ruining the dating world. It is no longer easy to ask someone out; a few rejections later and I don’t want to date anyone again. It plays on insecurities, it wastes time and it takes the fun out of dating.

The whole dating world is one big, hot, smoking pile of shit and I’m not here for it.

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