The Casual Dating Trend

There is something different happening with the dating world, and it has been happening for a while, but it is suddenly becoming the new norm.

Dating is a minefield that many of us try to navigate every single day. We wait for texts back, we wait for likes on Instagram, we wait for matches on Tinder- dating is a world that is difficult to live in.

Once it was frowned upon to date someone with no real idea that it was going somewhere- and maybe it still is, but casual dating is becoming more of a thing in this modern world.

Less people are wanting commitment, and more people want someone who they can have some fun with and date- but there is no obligation that they have to marry, commit to each other or have children somewhere down the line.

Maybe, casual dating isn’t for some people, and they want to commit, but for those of us who aren’t sure what we want- casual dating may be the way forward.

Tinder, Bumble, Hinge… you always have the question of ‘what are you looking for?’. Of course, the honest person I am, normally I say I’m looking to meet someone and see what happens, I never have an answer that I want to get married and have 7 kids by the time I’m 40. However, some people might.

Casual dating is like trying before you buy. You can have some fun, you can have SEX (because sometimes people just need to settle their needs, and it’s normal, and what’s the problem if both people are consensual and on the same page?) and you can stop feeling lonely when no one wants to hang out with you on Saturday night.

Gone are the days of having to get married before sex (unless that’s your religious or cultural belief- and that’s also fine), or having to be married to the person you love within 5 days. We can be free to explore what we want, get some and also stay ‘single’ and on the market. You can try things you’d never thought to try- different experiences, different kinks… You can even try the BDSM scene and create some BDSM contacts. 

There are few faults to casual dating, apart from there is no promise of commitment. So, if you want a boyfriend/girlfriend by next February, casual dating isn’t for you. If you go into casual dating thinking that it may turn into something, you face the chance your heart may be broken over and over again. It’s a pretty big decision to casually date someone, and you can’t blame them if they want to call it off half way through (unless you made a contract of minimum 6 months with them… I’m kidding.. or am I?)

Casual dating is something that gives you the freedom of trying to figure out what you want in life, keep your independence and have no one to ‘answer to’ in such ways. What can I say? It seems like a pretty good deal to me.



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