His Girl

He told me I was His Girl,

Lovely girl, Pretty girl, happy girl,

Why do you seem sad girl?

Girls aren’t meant to cry.

Are you psycho girl?

He liked puzzles,

He just didn’t want to solve me.

The player and the game,

But you can’t win every time.

He told me I was a disappointment,

I was always sad, I was always upset.

Pretty girls don’t get depressed.

I wanted to take the moon and give him all the stars,

he thought I had too many scars.

Too many flaws.

How do you dance with the devil when you love them?

He haunts my nightmares,

Calls me when he’s burning his future.

What happens when you’re no longer a morning text?

Or just someone they see as sex?

He called me His Girl, mad girl, stupid girl, jealous girl

… it won’t work… girl

A flame he decided to blow out,

A future he clawed away, smashed and shredded.

How can I be His Girl when I never was meant to be?


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