Are daters too picky?

Dating has always been particularly weird.

The first date, the awkward first conversation, the awkward first time you have sex and get to see others bodies.

However, dating is has been made slightly easier by the presence of online dating. And, yes, I have been dragged into the online dating app.

Log onto your app store and every single type of dating is catered for – hook ups, relationships, LGBTQ dating, BDSM… the list is endless.

So, with all this online dating, and this endless and mindless swiping right (if you’re lucky), have we become way too picky with dating? Does this mean we’re settling down less because we think there is endless amount of people on Bumble?

I could go onto Tinder now and check how many people have swiped right on me… 5,909… and I only have 80 matches.

This is because, in my belief, I have become a bit too picky with what I expect. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, because I know what I’m worth and perhaps I know the type of man I’d want to date. Also, dating when you’re a feminist is hard – try and find a man who isn’t scared of me when I mention the word feminism to him.

Dating apps make everything so damn easy – if I wanted a man with blue hair, who was tall, and didn’t smoke, or do drugs, but was also a christian… then I could definitely find him.

Dating apps are taking the effort out of dating, because people believe that once they break up with someone then it’s okay because they will find someone else on Tinder.

Tinder has made it easy to break up with your boyfriend, and find a new one by tomorrow.

The right song for a moment like this…

No one actually has to make the effort anymore, and maybe that’s why we’ve become so picky. When did dating become so hard? When did commitment seem so scary to people?

People will not only loose their independence to kiss or shag who they want, but their Tinder profile will have to go. And where is the fun in that? Tinder will no longer be on standby for when their friend with benefits actually gets a boyfriend and leaves them with nothing.

Breaking up is far too common, and not settling down is far too common, in this brave new dating world. We no longer want to date someone for too long because we fear what the dating apps hold for us.

Perhaps that fit guy from your year in school finally ditched his girlfriend of 4 years, and you did spend most of your teen life fancying him.

I have said before that dating has become something that’s fun, and less weighing on you, but are we going too far now? Soon, will any of us actually get married or have kids?


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