Dating & Games

It is no secret that I am a dater, and I love it.

Well, most of it.

As I have turned into an older woman (now the age of 24) I have become far less loving of the games that are played during dating. They left me on delivered for 4 hours. They left me on read. They won’t commit to me. They say they’re busy but I just saw them active on snapchat.

The games of dating have long since surpassed me. I no longer give into them.

Why Rachel? Isn’t it parting of dating? Doesn’t it make it fun?

Absolutely not.

I work too hard to then let someone play games with my dating life.

As well as trying to keep my 5 year goals going, I do not need a man who makes me question whether he wants to be serious with me.

I have come up with one simple solution to games.

When I sense games are being played, I back off. I distance myself. I don’t entertain the games. If I don’t feed the games, what do they get out of it?

I can assure you I love to play games, but not one with my heart or with my time. Neither of those is negotiable.

In distancing myself, I show them that I don’t play games. If a man continues to try to play games with me, you can bet I’m out the door. Maybe it’s a red flag, that they love to play games with you before you’re even seriously dating.


And, most of the time, I end up deciding I don’t want that person who tries to play games. I lay down the law (pun not intended).

I have a theory.

And stick with me on this.

If we stop feeding, we stop playing back, we stop acting as if dating is a joke, then perhaps dating will return back to the no games way we would want.

Why would you want to wonder if someone actually likes you?

Stop letting the bar stay so low.

‘He texts me back every hour, he’s so good to me’.

Maybe it’s pretty radical, but we should say to someone that we don’t play these games.

Stop letting them mess you around.

Stop wondering how long you can leave them on read.

Stop letting them waste your time.

Playing a game is one thing, but playing with your heart is another.


2 thoughts on “Dating & Games

  1. I am 33 and there are some guys who still try to play those games. When I was younger, I would dig in my heels and be determined to “beat” him. But it was a zero-sum game. Now I just get turned off, lol.

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