I see bees, working in the hive, grateful for their lives, thanking God that they’re alive.   Bees, buzzing in the breeze, making most of the day, dodging all the leaves, but taking time to pray.   Even though the day before, they lost so many, they refuse to give in, still work to earn … More Bees.

13 Reasons Why Should make You feel Uncomfortable.

And here’s why… I’m blatantly sick of the people who say they dislike 13 Reasons Why because it’s boring- can we just discuss this for a moment. How could you find this kind of programme boring? I believe it’s because we’re made to face what actually happens in life, how people are treated and how … More 13 Reasons Why Should make You feel Uncomfortable.

The Bodies

You said the body held power, but then I watched everyone around me crumble. And the people that once stood like skyscrapers now fell to the floor. They became a blank page, a closed door and nobody could stop them from losing control. I watched you unfold into nothing but dust, and I think that … More The Bodies