Wine & Pipes.

I was just the girl with the golden eyes, but you used to cry when you smoked your pipes and drank your wine. Forgive me for I forgot how this one goes, how this fairytale ends is one I have never known. You called me your princess, dined me real fine, but I knew it … More Wine & Pipes.


They told me that university is full of diversity, but I never believed them. Call me a pessimist, but I wasn’t looking at a business, I was looking at an education. They say uni will be the best experience, but that’s how I describe Keele. I was stumped how to write this, but I wanted … More Diversity.


I remember it was October when you told me you loved me. You wrapped it in a parcel, and sent your message via post. I didn’t mean to boast, but I loved you too. Autumn was your favourite month, or so you told me, but I guess it was all lies. Such a disguise that … More Autumn


I always wondered what it would be, to sit up late, maybe until three and ask you ‘what does love mean?’, but you won’t answer, and although it seems fine… we’ll never be that word. I used to think that love was real, but then I saw you cry that day I told you I … More 3am

I can’t live without books! – InternationalLiteracyDay

*Featured Image from  – – I don’t own it.* Well, it is that time of year again. International Literacy Day provides such an important message. It states how important reading is and of course, how great books are. The World Literacy Foundation states that: In 1965, UNESCO declared September 8 to be International Literacy Day. … More I can’t live without books! – InternationalLiteracyDay


There is blood in my mouth as I stand up. I curse the God above me who gave me these feet and get to my knees. I beg him to let me go, I’ve tried so hard to get here. Doesn’t he know what I’ve done for him? I stretch my hands out and feel … More Untitled