I see bees, working in the hive, grateful for their lives, thanking God that they’re alive.   Bees, buzzing in the breeze, making most of the day, dodging all the leaves, but taking time to pray.   Even though the day before, they lost so many, they refuse to give in, still work to earn … More Bees.

Oh Mummy.

Oh mummy, I’m on my way home, tell dad I did him proud, that’s why I wrote this poem. Oh mummy, I can’t wait to be back, my mind has seen such war and they killed my friend Jack. Oh mummy, I can’t wash away the blood, I feel it every day and it squelches … More Oh Mummy.

Goodbye Harper Lee

“Real courage is when you know you’re licked before you begin, but you begin anyway and see it through no matter what.” —Atticus Finch I’m never really quiet about the fact Harper Lee’s novel was an inspiration to me. Her words changed the way I viewed life and I feel that it sent me on … More Goodbye Harper Lee


You have cheered on… rape. Dashed through police tape as if it were the finish line in a race in who could be awful first… An article on trolls inspired by Shane Koyczan… Coming soon

History was not made to be forgotten- Remembering the Holocaust 2015.

To forget a Holocaust is to kill twice- Elie Weisel (Nobel Laureate) Today (27th January) marks the International Holocaust Remembrance Day in which we all remember the horrible atrocities and the mass genocide that took place between 1940 and 1945. It is a dark and horrific part of the history of the human race. We … More History was not made to be forgotten- Remembering the Holocaust 2015.