21 Goals.

Turning 21, I decided to make 21 Goals from now on! Graduate from Keele University in July 2017. Pass my practical driving test. Start my GDL in September 2017. Write more blog posts. Start a new hobby/craft. Play the piano again. Keep in touch with friends from university. Lose weight and tone up, sharpppppp. Donate … More 21 Goals.

Personal Pieces: November Reflections (Things I’ve learned)

November has been pretty eye opening for me. I’ve had ups and downs, and I think writing it in a blog post will help me figure out what has happened. People can be shit. I guess you learn more about yourself and the people around you as time goes on. I learned a lot about … More Personal Pieces: November Reflections (Things I’ve learned)


They told me that university is full of diversity, but I never believed them. Call me a pessimist, but I wasn’t looking at a business, I was looking at an education. They say uni will be the best experience, but that’s how I describe Keele. I was stumped how to write this, but I wanted … More Diversity.

September Goals.

As we greet a new month, I have decided to look at what I want to achieve this month. Maybe I won’t achieve all of these things this month, but I’ll try to achieve them in the next couple of months. Write more. I mean write spoken word, poetry, prose, blog posts, etc etc etc. … More September Goals.

Uni Essentials

I guess I wish someone had given me some advice on what to take to uni. There are so many things you don’t think of so I thought I’d pile a list of what I think are really *essentials* for university. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this huuuuuge list. Food (the most important category…) … More Uni Essentials