This Tower

I used to climb those same vines of darkness and depth, but then I reached the top and hell couldn’t pull me down anymore. I stared down at the world, from my tower of recovery I could see the struggle, the crippling of mankind. I tried to pull you up the wall, scratched my bare … More This Tower


Our blades our pills, and our nooses were not just objects. They were the love we longed for, when the world left us bare and nothing. The thing we had as the Earth shattered around us, and as the idea of loneliness came to surround our days. Our minds set to reverse, whilst our body … More Rejected

I’ve spoken out once, I’ll do it again. (Mental Health Awareness 2015)

Once before, I’ve spoken about the mental health problems I’ve faced and the way that I’ve dealt with them. Although, with it being mental health awareness week I’m going to speak out again, yet try to not spare details. I do this in an attempt to help people seek the professional care they need and … More I’ve spoken out once, I’ll do it again. (Mental Health Awareness 2015)


Oh, that dastardly website where absolutely everything is difficult to achieve! There is one thing in particular which gets at me, and it’s the ability to report- which is as hard as it is to bite off your own finger (excuse the simile but it worked for me at the time). You cannot report a … More Tumblr!

Don’t Give Up

What do I tell people who want to give up? I can’t tell you I understand, because I don’t know what you feel. I know what pain is, I know what cutting yourself is, I know watching your blood run and wishing it was your life running out of you. I know what sadness is. … More Don’t Give Up