Because you have never been right… You left and all I thought, Every single f*cking night, Was how difficult I must have been. How much I must have messed with you, For you to leave so easily. For months, I was bruised and battered, Every single piece of us scattered, As if I had never … More Left

False Eyelash

I am wearing armour. My cheekbones shine, my eyeliner is a sharp as it comes. I am wearing armour. I’m ready to fight the world, I curled my eyelashes at least 5 times today. They’re as stiff as clay. I am wearing make up so ‘fleeky’ the girls call me a hoe, the boys think … More False Eyelash

13 Reasons Why Should make You feel Uncomfortable.

And here’s why… I’m blatantly sick of the people who say they dislike 13 Reasons Why because it’s boring- can we just discuss this for a moment. How could you find this kind of programme boring? I believe it’s because we’re made to face what actually happens in life, how people are treated and how … More 13 Reasons Why Should make You feel Uncomfortable.