30 Date Ideas!


  1. See the Stars – Wrap up warm, find a blanket, grab a flask of hot chocolate and wait until the sun sets. Hope the sky is clear for this one! Watch the stars above you and enjoy each other’s company.
  2. Learn about history– Most museums are free for you to enter and there is always plenty to do in them. Find one that interests both of you and take part of the day to explore the museum. You can learn a lot about someone from just wandering around a museum together.
  3. Picnic Time! – Pack some of your own food, find a spot and enjoy a picnic. If you really feel like stepping it up, then pick up some bits from your local supermarket and a bottle of prosecco (how classy!)
  4. Go to the beach– Find a beach near and plonk yourself on it for the day. The only cost may be the petrol/transportation, and maybe an ice cream. Keep in mind, this is weather permitting… along with a few of these dates.
  5. Take a walk- Taking a walk lays down no type of expectations. It’s not too stressful a date, so think of it as a good first date idea, perhaps.
  6. Bike Ride! – Now, this probably suits for some of you who are more sporty than me… this would be a real embarrassment for me.
  7. Movie Marathon – Put on Netflix, grab some snacks and snuggle under a blanket together. A movie marathon is perfect for the colder nights in winter!
  8. Book Shops! – Maybe it’s just me who is a hopeless romantic, but there’s something I love about book shops. Quiet, peaceful and full of all the great stories. Take a wander around some book shops, learn about each other and maybe end the date by picking a book for each other.
  9. Volunteer! – There are so many ways you can volunteer in your community, so why not give your time back together? I find it provides you with a sense of giving something back to those who need it the most. For the extra gross factor, donate blood together! (not for the faint-hearted)
  10. Plan a future adventure -Plan somewhere you want to visit, or something you’d like to see together.


  1. The Cinema – I think it’s a relatively cheap date if you stay away from the £100 overpriced snacks they sell. There’s always a film on, and most cinemas have discounts for students!
  2. Ice Skating – Kind of cute, and not too expensive. Not for the people who have bad hand and eye co-ordination, which takes me out of this date!
  3. Go for Ice Cream – Maybe a fairly cliché date, but also kind of cute.
  4. Take a Guided Tour– Think ghost walks and tours of your hometown. Make sure you wrap up warm if it’s a colder day or evening.
  5. Mini Golf – You can find a mini golf usually fairly close to you. Junkyard Golf offers student discount Sunday-Thursday. The games are far different to your usual mini golf, but you can also find some great cocktails.
  6. Bowling – A cliché and old date idea, but nevertheless it can be fun. It makes first dates less awkward, and for couples that have been dating for a while, it brings out the old competitive side!
  7. Go for Coffee – This kind of date can be organised within 10 minutes. Normally, a good place to meet an Internet date!
  8. The Comedy Club – I attended one of these in London and it was really good. It made a great date for me, and was a little out of the ordinary. Don’t heckle though; it never ends well.
  9. Brunch – Brunch doesn’t have to be expensive! Find a small and independent café that doesn’t break the bank.
  10. Food Markets – There are plenty of these to explore, and the food is usually cheap to buy! One of my favourite markets has to be the Christmas Markets in Manchester- now that’s a cute date!


  1. Take a trip – I don’t recommend taking them to Paris for your first date, but plan a mini break far in advance. Book a cute hotel, find some places to visit and have some time to reconnect.
  2. Attend a Theatre Production – The West End is a great place to find a show (but so is everywhere else) for you and your date. Pick something during the day or at evening. Go for food before or after to make a real date of it.
  3. Take a Cooking or Cocktail Making Class – Actually, attend any type of class you’d like. They tend to be a little on the expensive side, depending where you book them.
  4. Festivals – There are so many different festivals you can attend now. Music, literature, art, etc…. find one you both want to attend and have the best time.
  5. Dance Classes – Try to not trip over each other’s toes.
  6. Try a Casino – Something I have never tried- but would love to! Try to not lose too much money.
  7. Eat Out – Okay, this could go in either cheap or expensive, depending where you pick. Chain restaurants are good because you know what you’re getting, and you can usually find some kind of discount or use a TasteCard.
  8. Host a Dinner Party – This could be for the couple that have been dating for a few months. Invite over your friends or other couples and show off your cooking skills. This could get very expensive, depending how many people you invite, and cook for. Don’t forget the alcohol!
  9. Go on a Night Out – Go out out. It could ruin your relationship before it’s even begun. You could end up vomiting into a bucket by the end of the night. You could have the biggest argument ever… but maybe it could be fun.
  10. Go to a Theme Park – Not for first dates probably, due to the fact it may involve arguments about which ride to go on.



Let me know your favourite date ideas!




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