Page 3- You Knew This Article Was Coming.

Today I attack the debated topic of ‘No More Page 3’.

As a female I, of course, detest the page 3. The blaring of a woman’s body in a newspaper is not something you want to creep upon during your Sunday morning read.

Now, I want to settle that I am not dismissing what these models are doing with their bodies. I whol-heartedly believe that you can do whatever you want in life with your body, and no one can criticise you for that.

I am dismissing the idea of ‘page 3’ as a thing that still exists. This little objectification of women that we just ignore on a daily basis.

We talk about ending sexism and creating equality, but if we can’t agree on this then what happens next?

Also, can I just point out that The Sun is a family orientated newspaper. They hold competitions for CHILDREN and FAMILIES… and we still think page 3 is acceptable here.

Come on people, it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee… or the scent of objectification in the morning if we’re discussing page 3.

You can end page 3 here-

Do the right thing, end this soft porn in the morning.

Thank You.

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