13 years later and The Black Eyed Peas have thrown us something which is far too relevant right now. They have remade that classic song of ‘Where is the love?’ but this time it is updated.

I find it sad that it is so relevant right now, but you have to admire them for releasing this again. I guess it presents the message that younger people never heard. It was one of those songs which stuck with me. The message was a constant replay in my head when I saw awful things happen in the world.

There is so much sadness in this world and The Black Eyed Pease have touched upon this. They’ve taken this idea to a whole new level.

I know that the auto tuning in it and the sound of it is vaguely cringe worthy, but I’m not at all bothered about that. It has a great beat, a new updated style and it brings people together.

The amount of negativity on this video and the people who criticise it… what are you doing to spread the love?

I saw something great the other day… it stated that we live in a  generation who constantly criticise, and can’t take something for what it is. That, honestly, summed up the thinking I have when people constantly criticise things which are trying to do good.

The creators of this remake and the video only had good intentions. They’re trying to ask us why we live in a world where we can’t love. Where love is so absent that they need to remake a song which was relevant 13 years ago.

Call it ‘shit’, say that the original is better or criticise the people in the video… but let me ask you…

Where is the love? 

Watch it here -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsRMoWYGLNA 

Rachel ❤



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