21 Goals.

Turning 21, I decided to make 21 Goals from now on!

  1. Graduate from Keele University in July 2017.
  2. Pass my practical driving test.
  3. Start my GDL in September 2017.
  4. Write more blog posts.
  5. Start a new hobby/craft.
  6. Play the piano again.
  7. Keep in touch with friends from university.
  8. Lose weight and tone up, sharpppppp.
  9. Donate blood, for the first time in my life.
  10. Finish a story I’ve started writing.
  11. Write more Spoken Word.
  12. Carry on being involved with politics.
  13. Cook, more.
  14. Work on toning my knee and legs.
  15. Find other ways to help my chronic pain.
  16. Stop apologising for who I am. Speak my views and don’t feel bad for what I believe in.
  17. Make more YouTube videos.
  18. Find a tattoo I want and get it!
  19. Volunteer with St John for as long as I can and as long as possible.
  20. Eat more cake.
  21. Enjoy 2017. Stop being scared of life – that only holds you back.





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