10 Things every Person with an Invisible Illness or Disability want You to Know.

  1. We understand that you’re trying to help. Though, we usually know what we’re doing ourselves.
  2. Painkillers are never the solution. Don’t expect those to work like magic.
  3. There is not enough sleep in the world. There is nothing to cure this constant tiredness.
  4. We’re not lazy.
  5. Treat us the same as you treat everyone else. We don’t want you to act differently if we decided to tell you about our invisible illness.
  6. Sometimes, cancelling plans is necessary for us. We’ll try and make it up to you.
  7. We are not victims of our illness.
  8. Yes, we’ve tried that magical potion that you saw on the internet.
  9. No day is the same as the one before. We might be fine one day, then bad the next day.
  10. It is difficult some days, but we will never let our illness control us. It is not what we are.



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