Catcalling isn’t a joke anymore.

F*ck catcalling.

Too many things are swept under the rug, these days. Due to many facts. One of them is that people refuse to believe that feminism is needed. Another is that catcalling is just seen as something that happens. Truly, it seems as if no one gives a shit if women are called on the street, anymore.

Catcalling is just the start of a culture that believes it is fine to treat women as objects to be desired, to be called, to be objectified. It begins the chain of bullshit that ends with women being attacked or assaulted. Don’t even try to argue that nothing like that happens. It’s fairly obvious that catcalling is just one of the ways that make women feel insignificant.

I started this blog post due to an experience of mine on the weekend. I’ve faced cat calling before, but I’ve never heard something so crude and so misogynistic. I felt threatened by what they said to me. I felt scared. I felt so sick to my stomach that I couldn’t even turn round and tell them where to shove it, or stick two fingers up at them.

The words ‘She definitely wants the d*ck’ came from me wearing a short skirt. I have long legs, skirts are normally on the smaller side on me. Also, why should I not be allowed to wear a short skirt? I don’t particularly remember the last time I shouted ‘he definitely wants the vagina’ because a guy walked past me wearing shorts.

The skirt in question. 

There was only one fear that haunted me that night. That I would be attacked because of what I wearing. That maybe I was suggesting that I wanted sex. Maybe I deserved that comment.

However, I didn’t deserve to feel uncomfortable in my own skin, walking down a road at night. No one deserves to feel scared to walk back to their car just because of what they’re wearing.

It is a blatant and clear show of rape culture.

You can’t try to deny it anymore.

It f*cking exists.

… what are you going to do about it?


Catcalling was never a joke. It was never fun or acceptable. However, society has moulded to believe that it is somehow okay to shout creepy and harassing comments.

Let me say that it is NOT. 

Stop calling people ‘snowflakes’ for finding it sickening, horrific and wrong.

It blatantly is all of those things.


Now, I have a question…

What are we going to do about this?





One thought on “Catcalling isn’t a joke anymore.

  1. I was wolf whistled the other night, in the dark, on my way home from work. I wear my yoga leggings to and from work now for comfort (and I kept chafing my jeans to pieces) so I wasn’t even wearing anything revealing. I had a rain coat on and bags, I wasn’t in any way aiming to look attractive and I felt so spooked I almost ran home- I was only around the corner from my front gate when it happened. It’s not OK, I would hate for these men to have daughters coming home feeling scared to go anywhere alone in case someone doesn’t know how to act like a decent human being. Great post, I hope you’re not going to stop wearing skirts though! Xxx


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