I’m sorry, I let you down (I let you drown) (Spoken Word)

I’m sorry,

I let you down,

I let you drown,

dragged the earth from

under your feet.

Took your heart and

gave it back incomplete.

I’m sorry,

that I didn’t say this weeks


that I didn’t write

you a poem of woe.

I let you drown,

melted away your fears,

dried up your tears,

let you believe we’d be

together for way more


I let you drown,

and took away the help,

called off the search party,

because there was nothing left


no pieces of us worth recovering.

I promised that I’d

bring us back home, safe.

And that I’d find us a happy


I let you drown,

and watched you beg me

to stop.

I encouraged you to drop

from the cliff,

make one last wish,

ask for one last kiss.

I asked you what you feared


The end was all you said,

but we both know that it didn’t

mean when you were


We both knew what was to come,

but we were


that we would


become what we hated.

You were drowning,


but the water was oh so clear,

my eyes were no longer a

safe haven,

a sweet creation.

I let you drown,

and I crowned myself the winner

when you cried in

front of me.

You closed the door

into your life,

and I gladly threw away

the key.

No longer what I needed

to be a part of.

I’m sorry,

and I can’t believe I only see it


but I was a cow,

such a reckless soul.

I couldn’t leave you whole,

I tore you apart.

I let you drown,

because I thought it was better than

enduring us.

I let you drown,

because relationships end



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