21 Goals… The Update.

Hello friends!

So, things have been a little hectic with me at the moment, due to that I had to put blogging on a bit of a break. I couldn’t keep on blogging and doing everything else, or I would have eventually lost my head.

However, I was thinking about what I’ve achieved in the last 12 months, and I decided to take a look back, to see what I’ve achieved, and see if I can achieve anything else. So, grab a snack, because this is going to be a long one, and let’s go!

  1. Graduate from Keele University in July 2017.

So, yes, I did in fact graduate from university in July, and it took me a while to get over the fact I actually did it. It took me some time to grasp that I actually had a degree, and despite everything that happened during my degree, I managed it.


2. Pass my practical driving test

Yep, I did pass my driving test, at the end of June. Basically, almost a year ago. Since I’ve passed my driving test, a lot has changed. I am far more independent, I can do far more things and I have met a lot of people. I can see people more often, because I can just get in my car. And, I understand what kind of privileged position this puts me in, and I’m pretty much very grateful for this.

3. Start my GDL in September 2017. 

I did in fact start my GDL in September last year, and I just had my last exam on Wednesday. I’m hoping so much that I pass, so fingers crossed and everything else you can cross. Hopefully, I can cross off my GDL in good old, completed it mate, style.

Some of the beautiful people I studied with this year x

4. Write more blog posts

I definitely started to write more than I used to, and I started to put some more work into what I wrote on my blog. I’m trying to be a little easy on myself here because it has been difficult to balance blogging and such a packed qualification at the same time.

5. Start a new hobby/craft. 

Let’s see, did I start anything new this year? Okay, I started to go to a lot of blogging events, I think I actually went to my first one around this time last year? I remember it was a bloggers brunch where I met Missy (ContourAllure) and ever since have had such a great friendship with her. I have met a great group of bloggers, and now have a fierce group chat with them. So, yeh, I’m ticking that one off!

6. Play the piano again.

I really abandoned this love of mine because I didn’t think I was good? So, I kind of gave up on playing, but I think a couple of months ago I did get back to the piano. I haven’t played it since, due to the idea I think it’s major procrastination of my exams, but I’ll be picking it back up again soon.

7. Keep in touch with friends from university. 

Okay, so this one I did kind of achieve. I actually found my way back to some old friends, and sort of found a new person in myself, that I didn’t even realise existed. The past 4 years were defined by something in my life that I wasn’t happy with at the end, and I think that majorly destroyed me as a person. I wasn’t okay with what I was doing, but it took a lot for me to finally end it. However, I also still have friends I went to uni with, and I regularly see one of my besties (when I can).

My absolute bestie.

8. Lose weight and tone up. 

Man, where do I even start with this one? I have had a shaky year with my whole body and how I view myself, it’s been really weird. However, I look at pictures now and I think I have lost weight. Not because I’ve actively tried to lose it, but because I think it was weight I still had from surgery? Believe it or not, I found it really difficult to lose my butt chub I had from that, and hun, my bum is still something I do not love, or my thighs. However, I’m going to look at this goal as one I shouldn’t have set myself. It blatantly told me that I was fat. I was blatantly hating my body right then.

9. Donate blood, for the first time in my life.

Yesssss, I actually achieved this one, and it felt so great to achieve it! I had been so scared to do this, but I put on my big girl pants and finally did it. The idea of it was far scarier than the actual giving blood. It only took me 7 minutes, and by doing it, I had helped someone who needs it way more than I do.


10. Finish a story I’ve started writing. 

By this, I mean I have tons of things that I’ve started and haven’t finished (sounds like the actual story of my life?). I always start pieces of writing but then leave them alone. I just haven’t had time to focus on anything like this, and, to be honest, I don’t really write prose anymore, I tend to write poetry.

11. Write more spoken word.

I think this one makes up for the last goal. I’ve definitely tried to write more spoken word, because I feel like it is a good way to get rid of any emotions that are clouding me. Even if it’s 5 lines of something, I always jot it down.

12. Carry on being involved with politics.

I assume this one points towards my feminist beliefs and writing about politics etc. I still know people involved, I still discuss politics and I keep discussing feminism and how things need to change.

13. Cook, more.

Well, this didn’t really happen that much… I don’t think????

14. Work on toning my knees and legs.

I don’t really appreciate this one? Mainly because it suggests that my condition is made worse by myself…? Funny how we can change our opinion of ourself in a year?

15. Find other ways to help my chronic pain.

I have found other ways to help myself, as in how I can monitor my pain, and to accept my pain most of all. I have learned to accept that my pain is part of my life, really, it’s something I can’t really stop.

16. Stop apologising for who I am.

I love this one so much! I think this was really something that helped me to make certain decisions in my life. My blog posts haven’t calmed down, and I think I’ve started to speak my voice way more than I used to. I thought I had to calm it down to be loved by someone, but that wasn’t true. If someone believes in you, and supports you, they will appreciate your views and the kind of person you are.


17. Make more YouTube videos.

Really, I did make a few (more in a short amount of time) and I tried the vlogging thing, but I don’t think it is for me. As much as I love ranting and talking on videos, it’s difficult to find the time to sit down and actually work on YouTube.

18. Find a tattoo I want and get it.

Okay, I’m still very much toying with this idea and I’ve thought of a lot of different ways to get one, and where to get one. It’s taking me a long time to decide, and I’m okay with that.

19. (I’ve skipped over this for reasons- no tee, no shade) 

20. Eat more cake.

I have eaten more cake, I’ve tried to be okay with eating what I want. I’ve tried to think that the roof could fall in any minute, so why leave that cake? Eat it.

21. Enjoy 2017. Stop being scared of life – that only holds you back.

2017? Completed it, mate.


I managed to complete around 15 of these goals, with one or two cut out, so I’m fairly proud of myself.

What have you achieved this last year?

Let me know! xx



One thought on “21 Goals… The Update.

  1. So far, I’ve travelled quite a bit, done well in uni (finishing in Sept.) and got a car! I hope to graduate with a 2:1 and be proud of my dissertation work, right now it’s a bit of a drag :-/

    Rachel || anotherstationanothermile.com


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