How to be the Perfect Activist.

So, you want to be an activist?

Well, lucky for your woke ass, I am here to guide you through the tricky waters and how to become a perfect activist.

  • Keep up on the news, all around the world- 24/7.

You have to keep Twitter open, BBC, but look out for non bias sources. Facebook is a great place to read up on the recent Love Island scandals, the arguments about whether you’re a bad partner because you farted on them, and stalking previous partners. Twitter is better for feeling like a terrible person, who isn’t woke enough, but, don’t worry, some kind user on Twitter will you tell you that you’re trash and to f*ck off.

  • Understand that most of the time your opinions don’t matter

There is always going to be someone louder than you, and they probably know more because they’re so loud. Don’t worry, let them do the talking and represent what you stand for! There is nothing people love more than a shouty individual trying to represent a movement when what they stand for has nothing to do with the movement!

  • If you’re not at a protest every weekend, you’re doing it wrong.

None of your online awareness matters, because the big thing is to go and shout in peoples faces. Peaceful protest is soooo last year, pick up a placard and just shout abuse at people- it’s much more efficient.

  • Make sure you include every single minority group in anything you ever say.

Make sure your sentence includes everyone who is targeted by society, and don’t say something if you don’t understand certain groups are targeted. After all, you should have known this when you left the womb.

  • Known that you will never be a good activist and you should feel guilty 24/7 for not knowing everything.

If you don’t understand everything that is happening in the world, then you’re doing a sh*t job. Sorry, someone had to tell you.


There is no way to be a ‘perfect’ activist. However, by taking 2 seconds to talk about a particular issue, or use your voice to raise awareness you are creating acitivist. You are being active in issues that may not impact you, or maybe they do, but you are doing SOMETHING.

You cannot be expected to know everything. However, the more you learn and the more you educate yourself can create a change. Take your own time to research, read and keep on learning.

Ignorance is bliss, but we should stop letting it be the norm. By doing something today, you are making a change. By talking about continuing world conflicts, human right violations, despicable laws- you are making a change.

And KEEP on doing it.




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