If We took 5 minutes to Consider What We Said to Someone… (Spoken Word)

If we took 5 minutes to consider what we said to someone,

maybe there would be less broken hearts

and paper drops of tears which your ex-girlfriend cried

when you told her she was ugly.

Maybe the world would be less cold,

and you’d learn that you can’t fix someone with staples

and glue.

I think you’d see that saying ‘it’s not my fault you’re sensitive’

isn’t an excuse for hurting someone’s


Because he was healing from his own wounds when

you decided to rip them open with your own


If we took 5 minutes to read that text again,

maybe we’d read between the lines of anger

and pain.

There’d be less dread in the world as people realised

they had to face their bullies

and freeze their hearts so they couldn’t ache.

If we took 2 seconds to hear our own words

before we spoke them aloud,

people wouldn’t have to shroud themselves

in armour and a cloak of invisibility.

I’d take the pain out from the words

and herd them into a shed where no one could

find them again.

If we took 5 minutes,

just 5 minutes,

maybe we’d see the world through other peoples eyes

and not our own rose tinted glasses.


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