My Poor Rose, you rotted… (Spoken Word)

I wish I could say I’m sorry, but I just can’t find the


please don’t curse me for what I say,

I just want you to know I’ve

never been okay.

You were my lover,

always hated by my brother,

loved by my mother

and always ready to take another…

I want to say I’m sorry,

I want to say I apologise,

but then it would be lies,

and I can’t bring myself

to that,

and that is the fact.

You told me that roses never rotted,

they just died,

and you show me how they

tried to live,

but forgive me…

you never did that.

My poor rose,

you rotted just like you never


I wanted to say I’m sorry,

to give myself a chance,

but you did try to dance with that

girl once,

and I told you I hated that,

but you never listened to me.

It was always ‘we’,

but sometimes I just wanted some

time for me.

Please, I don’t want forgiveness,

I don’t need it,

you spent your time,

we drew that line.

I’m not sorry,

I don’t even worry,

and I guess I know why.

‘To die would be an awfully big adventure’,

I didn’t believe you when you quoted that,

told me that line,

I thought it was just a rhyme

you liked.

My friends say I should be sorry,

that it was my fault,

but you wanted to be free.

They tell me I’m doing wrong,

that I should write you a poem,

or a song…

well, here I am,

writing these lines.

Just trying to make sense,

but its been 5 years,

and I can’t carry on like this,

I miss you but you’re gone.

I should be sorry,

I should ask for you to forgive,

but you lived your life the

way you wanted.

You left no regret,

no hate,

you were sick,

you couldn’t stand it anymore.

I’m glad you’re free,

no more pain for you

or me.

Your body can rest,

sleep forever my dear,

there is no more to fear,

it is all so clear.

I wish I could say sorry, that it was my fault,

I wish I could find the words… to say bye one more time.

My dear,

you rotted just like a rose,

but you rose from the ashes that burned you to the ground,

you refused to drown.

My dear,

roses rott, but it doesn’t mean shit,

you lived,

you loved.

It is time for me to love, too.


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